Fireproof gates

Fireproof gates represent a protective structure, a firebreak barrier that in case of fire prevents flame from spreading. Fire-resistance of these gates is achieved by using fireproof materials and a special production technology.

According to Federal Law #123 “Technical standard of fire safety requirements” fireproof gates fall into three types.

  • Gates of the 1st type with a fire resistance index at least EI60
  • Gates of the 2ndtype with a fire resistance index at least EI30
  • Gates of the 3rd type with a fire resistance index at least EI15

Fireproof gates EI60 are the most popular ones.

There are several kinds of fireproof gates:

  • Hinged fireproof gates
  • Sliding fireproof gates
  • Vertical-lift sectional gates

Fireproof gates perform multiple protective functions at the same time: Protection from an unauthorized penetration;

  • Heat insulation of the premise;
  • Fireproof function – prevent fire spreading;
  • Opening a wide passage for the evacuation of people in case of fire;
  • Providing access to the premises for a fire brigade during fire-fighting;
  • Fire gates are the only option to prevent fire spreading via big openings.


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