Fireproof doors

Fireproof doors are special protective constructions that in case of fire can prevent the flame from further spreading. Fireproof door is a part of a firebreak barrier (e.g. a fire separation wall, a fireproof partition), in danger of fire such doors can localize the fire area just in one room isolating and protecting neighbour premises.

Besides preventing fire spreading, fireproof doors also provide protection from high temperatures for the next door premises that makes evacuation of people possible from there.

Fire-resistance of these doors is achieved by using special structural elements, fireproof materials and fire-safe door hardware. 

According to Federal Law #123 “Technical standard of fire safety requirements” fireproof doors fall into three types.

  • Doors of the 1st type must have a fire resistance index at least EI60 (60 minutes)
  • Doors of the 2nd type must have a fire resistance index at least EI30 (30 minutes)
  • Doors of the 3rd type must have a fire resistance index at least EI15 (15 minutes)

There are several kinds of fireproof doors:

  • Steel fireproof doors
  • Wooden fireproof doors
  • Glazed (glass) fireproof doors

Steel Fireproof doors

Steel fireproof doors are the most popular ones among different kinds of fireproof doors at all. Such doors are usually installed in residential units, manufacturing buildings, administration blocks, as well as shopping and business centres, medical and educational institutions.

Steel fireproof doors vary in fire resistance index. The most common ones are fireproof doors EI60. There are also steel doors with fire resistance index EI30, EI90 and EI120. Steel doors EI30 and EI60 can be manufactured with a partial fireproof glazing (not more than 25% of the door leaf).

A steel fireproof door is made from two sheets of cold-rolled steel that are bent in a specific way and one-piece-bent door frame with or without a door trim (depending on the way of installation – in/on embrasure). Such a construction of steel fireproof doors provides double sealing along the line where a door leaf fits a door frame. The door leaf is filled with fire-resistant mineral wool plate. Along the inside perimeter a fire-resistant band is stuck, under high temperature it expands and fills the inner space between a door leaf and a door frame. Fire-resistant steel doors are covered with polymer powder paint.

Some special hardware must be applied for fireproof doors: a lock with a bevel keeper and a lever handle, a door closing device. All the hardware is made of non-combustible materials.

Wooden Fireproof doors

Wooden fireproof doors are widely spread in medical institutions, dining places (cafes, restaurants), hotels.

Wooden fireproof doors are produced with a fire resistance index EI60 and EI30, latter are the most popular. Wooden fireproof doors may have a partial fire-resistant glass that must not exceed 25% of the door leaf.

Wooden fireproof doors are assembled under the sandwich principle: filler, support and lining of door frame are coated with high density fibreboard (HDF) which is a really strong material. From outside the door is laminated, i.e. covered with plastic. Laminated plastics is comparably easier to clean, resistant to humidity, temperature changes, mechanical damage and scratches, it doesn’t lose colours. Fire-resistant mineral wool plate is used as a filler for fireproof doors. All components are glued together, pressed, worked along the perimeter and prepared for hardware.

Glazed Fireproof doors

Glazed fireproof doors are used to prevent flame spreading in case of fire, as a rule in those places that require high light transmission capacity: malls, office buildings, big shops, sports facilities.

Glass fireproof doors are a kind of translucent fireproof structures that are often manufactured as a part of a fireproof partition.

The structure of a glazed fireproof door is quite simple. The frame is made of a special fire-resistant section that is filled with multilayer fireresistant glass afterwards. Finished items are welded up with hinges to door frame that is also produced of a fire-resistant section.

Wide variety of sections gives an opportunity to manufacture doors with fire glass of different thickness, with sandwich panels, in warm and cold versions.


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