Production of Fireproof constructions

The fireproof construction production itself includes several locations that manufacture different types of fireproof constructions. They are a steel fireproof and technical door production line “Entrus”, a workshop producing translucent fireproof constructions “Ignis”, a segment producing hinged fireproof gates “Portalus” and sliding gates “Slidus”.

Steel fireproof and technical door “Entrus” production line.

Steel technical and fireproof doors “Entrus” are made from sheet metal. Steel cold-rolled sheet of 1 mm and 1,5 mm thick is used on production. Metal of 2 mm thick is used to produce burglar-resistant doors. Production is equipped with NPC (numeric program control) guillotine-shears to pattern-cut sheet metal.

To produce sections of which door frames will be assembled in future, fabricated parts of necessary sizes are bent on a hydraulic press HACO. Sheet bending hydraulic press HACO is equipped with an individual matrix and a punch; control is managed via a built-in computer module.

Steel door production line includes a contact welding station, four semiautomatic welding stations, and a turn-milling machine for furniture incut.

Polymer powder door coating is laid on in a powder spray booth, following which constructions are placed in a special burning furnace where spray powder paint polymerizes.

“Ignis” translucent fireproof construction workshop

Steel fire-resistant section is used to manufacture fireproof partitions. There is a two-month section supply that is stored in workshops producing “Ignis”. The stock is constantly renewed.

While constructions are being manufactured, 6-metre full-length sections are cut into parts of necessary length with a band-saw Pilous. Fabricated parts are assembled on welding tables or conductors, and are joined by semi-automatic welding making a rigid construction.

Fireproof gates “Portalus” and “Slidus” workshop

Fireproof gate workshop includes a blank preparation section with a band-saw Pilous, two semi-automatic welding sections and a painting section where two-pot enamel-like paint is applied.

Construction of fireproof gates “Portalus” and “Slidus” is based on a fireproof section Voestalpine that is always stored at the warehouse in sufficient quantity. For sliding gates Roltek components are used as well on terms of a special custom-built delivery.

Fireproof gate framework is filled with fire-resistant panels that are made with the help of guillotine-shears and sheet bending machine HACO.

  • гидравлический листогиб HACO
  • изготовление дверного полотна
  • отрезной станок
  • внутреннее усиление технической двери
  • сборка и сварка дверной коробки на кондукторе
  • дверная коробка
  • камера напыления порошковой краски
  • фрезеровка отверстия под фурнитуру

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