• Fireproof doors are special protective structures meant for preventing fire spread in case of fire. Besides protecting from fire propagation between premises, fireproof doors provide neighbour site protection from high temperatures that makes people’s evacuation possible there.

  • A fireproof partition is a firebreak barrier type that is meant to provide not spreading of fire to other premises, edificies and buildings.
    Translucent fireproof partition is a frame partition that consists of a fire-resistant frame and is filled with multilayer fireproof glass. 

  • Fireproof gates are firebreak barriers that in case of fire prevent it from further spreading, and the rest of time provide the access between premises. This is a specific type of gates which fire-resistance is achieved by using special materials and production technology.

  • A fireproof window is a window that appears to be a firebreak barrier at the same time. Fireproof windows are installed into a window opening with specific fire-resistance requirements. In case of fire they will prevent further fire propagation into next door premises, to the upper floors, or rooftop fire outbreak. 

  • Противопожарные и противодымные шторы — это противопожарные преграды, перекрывающие проем только в момент пожарной опасности.

    Противопожарные шторы служат для предотвращения проникновения пламени и дыма внутрь помещений.

  • Противопожарный люк - вид противопожарной преграды, предназначенный для заполнения проемов малых размеров.

    Наиболее распространены одностворчатые противопожарные люки с пределом огнестойкости EI60.

Наши объекты

Fireproof doors and constructions

Fsafety.Ru is a website of VOLYA Company dedicated to various firebreak barriers constructions. Here you can find information about goods and services of the company VOLYA, articles and different materials about fireproof doors, gates, windows and other fireproof constructions as well as some news and important events from the fire safety area.

Fireproof doors are the most high-demand type of firebreak barriers and our main product. VOLYA has designed and produces fireproof doors “Entrus” with the fire-resistance index of EIS60.

Fireproof gates "Portalus" and "Slidus" have a unique construction that is based on a fireproof profile “Alpina” (Austria) and can be supplied with waterproof glazing and wicket doors.


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